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Dosing robot Asgard KM-1

2 700 000
3 980 000
The Asgard KM1 dosing robot is designed for applying the following compositions to a flat surface (along a given trajectory):
  • Sealants
  • Adhesive composition
  • The sealing contour of the seal in polyurethane and silicone for the formation of the place
  • ( FIPFG – formed in place foamed gasketing, FIPFG formed in place gasketing) sealing by GASKETING technology .
  • Foam silicon
Scope of use: application of seals to electrical enclosures, sealing of heat exchanger plates, sealing of enclosures, etc.

The robot has a gantry layout that eliminates vibrations of the working body during operation.
The equipment is made to order in Russia, in the city of Ufa.
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Delivery kit
  • Dosing machine
  • XYZ- portal-type coordinate robot
  • CNC control and control system
  • Primer
  • 10 liters of raw materials for polyurethane foam (Components A)
  • 10 liters of raw materials for polyurethane foam (Components B)
Delivery time - 3 months
The cost of equipment includes delivery, commissioning and training of the Buyer's personnel
The warranty period is 12 months
70% - advance payment
20% - after notification of readiness
10% - after commissioning
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