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11 850 000
PKS series machines are designed for 5-axis machining of steel and titanium parts. A distinctive feature of the series is the use of parallel kinematics principles in the layout. Machines with parallel kinematic system combines high rigidity, speed and unmatched dynamics.

The machines provide an optimal combination of price and quality, making a worthy competition with 5-axis processing centers of leading world manufacturers and contribute to the implementation of import substitution of high-tech metal-cutting equipment at the country 's enterprises.

Delivery kit
  • Machine with Cabinet protection
  • Tool magazine
  • Coolant supply system 200 l
  • Remote control of the machine.
  • Manual pneumatic pistol .
  • Automatic lubrication of guides and ballscrews.
  • Shipping packaging.
  • A set of cutting tools and accessories.
Optional equipment
Sensor for measuring parts and setting up a process operation - Renishaw RMP40
800 000 ₽
Sensor for measuring the tool and detecting its failure - Renishaw TS 40
400 000 ₽
Automatic door
40 000 ₽
Coolant pistol
15 000 ₽
Videocamera of the cutting zone
with a web interface
25 000 ₽
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