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Finished frames with mechanics
Overall dimensions X / Y / Z
Telescopic protetction
We produce ready-made structures of portal CNC milling machines for self- connection of electrics, feed drives and spindles

  • Axial travel (X / Y / Z): from 600х400x250 to 800х600x350
  • Weight of machine from 700 kg to ensure exellent rigidity
  • Perpendicularity of axes: 0.01 мм / 300 мм

Part of the ready kit includes:

1. Frame made of polymer-granite machined by high-precision machine (DOOSAN VCF 850 LSR) in a single step ;
2. mounted guides (dimension - 35; precision class - P);
3. Ball screw of feed drivers are grinded (С5) with machined surfaces for supports;
3. Steel table with Т-channelouts (X axis);
4. Steel carriages of Y and Z axes;
4. Corrugation protectors of all axes guides;
5. Vibroisolation pads.

time of delivery: from 20 to 60 days
We are ready to design a frame for your demand: required size, weight, precision.
When you want to assemble a machine
Creation of your own milling CNC machine is associated with solving a lot of problems. You have to choose dimensions and to design structure; do rigidity and strength simulation; to order quality mechanicsal components, to manufacture original units, preferably from steel, not from aluminum; to choose feed drivers, to choose spindle and frequency transducer, to assambly electrical parts and to configure control system.

If we talk about frames made from "sintegran" (which dampens the vibrations, imroves machinig quality and more careful about the resource of tools), then the need for formwork design, manufacturing and assembling are added. Than you need to pick up the composition of mineral-polymer filler, to determine the optimal modes of obtaining the mixture, to find the possibility of its vibration compaction.
And in the end it remains to find where to perform precise machining of the frame surfaces for the installation of guides and ballscrews.

That's why we decided to make machine structures ready for Assembly, performing the most time-consuming parts of the process.

Advantages of the finished structure:
  1. Correct geometry and high static and dynamic stiffness due to the engineering analysis of the developed structure in a professional modeling system;
  2. Mineral-polymer filler of optimal composition, confirmed by numerous laboratory experiments;
  3. The formwork of all the frames has already been designed , manufactured and assembled, and the filling technology has been thought out;
  4. Embedded surfaces are processed in a single step on a large precision CNC machine;
  5. All installed components are checked and purchased at cheap wholesale prices.
  6. Installation and adjustment of the mechanics are performed at the factory using expensive measuring tools and equipment.
All you have to do is choose the size of your future machine , the feed drive motors, the spindle, and the frequency Converter. You can tell us the dimensions or models of your chosen engines and we will make sure that they are easily attached to your future frame. By the way, we equip our machines with products from the Japanese company Yaskawa, which has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable and efficient systems. And you will be very interested in assembling the control Cabinet and configuring the CNC logic yourself.
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