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Casting of the frame of sintegran
Frames, machine, pump station bases and other products
190 - 290 (per 1 kg)
  • We produce casting of synthetic granite (sintegran, polymer concrete ) of any configuration and complexity, with high quality and affordable prices, both for industrial and household purposes.
  • Casting with embedded elements with subsequent machining is possible.
  • All products pass quality control. In particular, the compliance of mechanical properties is checked.
  • The high damping capacity, absence of shrinkage and residual stresses ( shape stability), corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity of the material make it one of the best solutions when choosing a material for the manufacture of modern machines.
  • We carry out the development of design documentation for the technical task of the customer.
  • The maximum dimensions of the molded parts - 4800х2500х1200mm
  • Maximum dimensions of processed parts - 8000x3000x1850mm
Production time - from 5 working days
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Mechanical properties

  • Density of 2 400 kg/cubic meter
  • The compressive strength - 120 MPa
  • The limit of the tensile strength - 27 MPa
  • The modulus of elasticity - 25 GPa
  • The Poisson's Ratio is 0.2 - 0.3
Accuracy indicators

  • Straightness of the surfaces for the guides - 0.03/300mm
  • Parallelism of the surfaces under the guides - 0.03/300mm
  • Roughness of treated surfaces - Ra 1.6
    Operating conditions

    • Operating temperature: -35... +90
    • Air humidity: any
    Embedded elements

    • Material of embedded elements for guides and supports of ballscrews - Steel 20
    • The material of the reinforcing elements - St3ps
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